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Grindhouse- the rights and wrongs

April 15, 2007

Quentin Tarantino (Death Proof) and Robert Rodriguez’s (Planet Terror) Grindhouse double-bill is an ambitious attempt to recreate the classic cheesy horror/thriller movies of the 70s, sadly It’s not bringing in the dollars ,the Weinstein brothers hoped for.

So what’s right and wrong about it:


Feeling and flavor is fantastic

    Chessy music
    Broken reels
    Missing reels
    Movie trailers
    Fake ads for Mexican restaurants
    Jump cuts

Rodriguez’s film- Planet Terror

    Over the top effects
    Lots of explosions- blood/ gore and some generally disgusting moments
    Rosie McGowan’s machine gun

    Both movies are too long and sitting for 3 1/2 hours is tough going
    Easy to lose interest- both films are too long
    Tarantino’s Death Proof is not Duel or Vanishing Point
    Try to be too faithful to the past- and not fast paced enough for today’s movie goers

It’s a tough challenge to recreate the past,do it with your tongue firmly in your cheek and expect today’s young adult audience to get it. However, amongst movie buffs and real fans of the genre, Grindhouse will become a cult classic and could recoup its $100 million budget with foreign sales and DVDs.

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