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Lost gets creative with hidden audio messages

February 11, 2007

The creators of the TV show Lost have started to really mess with people’s minds.

They have inserted messages in the audio that can only be heard when the track is played backwards.

Lost fans found one audio clip that contains a hidden message.

Warning: This clip sounds very creepy

It succeeded in getting the fans talking.

70,000 views of the clip
2,000+ Diggs of the story

And comments like this…

“i think we have arrived at a major reveal in the show…all lines lead to the point that the island somehow manipulates time/space continuity..and the others have some control over at least some aspects of this..hence their knowledge of the survivors histories, their ability to label them as good-bad…the island being ‘hidden’ from the world

i’m looking at the island as ( to use metaphor) the eye of a time space storm, or a place beyond the black hole event horizon..where the impossible becomes the possible, or even the probable”

Posted on the Lost Easter Eggs Blog


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