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Wii gains cultural traction

February 8, 2007

Wii continues to surprise us, not just with its continued success, demand still seems to exceed supply, but it now appears to be adding some cool and interesting dimensions that are helping build and extend the unit’s cultural appeal.

Great products market themselves, they encourage and initiate the creativity of others and they give rise to communities of interest.

1. Personalization- The New Cult of Mii

The Wii allows its users to create personalized characters , but these now appear to be taking on a life of their own.

People are creating celebrity versions ( characters from the TV show, The Office)

Enterprising artists now offering Mii 3D sculptures

and creating Mii buttons

There’s even a website that can create a customized Mii from a photograph.

2.Sociability- A Platform that Encourages Socialization

Wii is proving to be a popular a social connector, people are even organizing parties around the console.

3. New Ways to Experience- The Internet

Nintendo recently launched an interesting reader for the Wii, giving owners a radically new way to check out the headlines.

There’s also a new Wii channel were users can have fun voting in random polls.

Nintendo’s strategy of turning the convention of video gaming on its head and transforming it into a fun, playful and sociable activity, appears to have opened up the market to entirely new segments

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