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Wired does a crowdsourcing experiment

June 5, 2007

Assignment Zero is a great initiative from Wired magazine, it’s open sourced journalism. The first big assignment was ironically, the topic of “crowdsourcing”, Assignment Zero’s own “crowd” interviewed Wikipedia super contributors, photo editors who buy micro-stock, the folks who created Bar Camp, Innocentive (Eli Lilly), Crowdspirit, the photo agency Scoopt, etc…

In all, the crowd conducted 80 interviews.

Crowdsourced journalism has been done around the world in various guises, but what makes Wired’s effort stand out is the clear and well managed editorial process. The “crowd” were guided into the assignment, briefed and helped, rather than just left to go for it.

Like an effort to tap into users, it helps when the brief is good.

Think about how other publications can use “crowds” as “research army” to help journalists piece together elements for stories and as additional content that can be accessed by readers looking for the source material.

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