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Big idea: work:life balance

September 7, 2007

We’ve all tried to do this in creative briefs for technology products, the idea of greater “me time.”

It’s been done to death and it started with some lame “Beaches” spot for AT&T back in the late 80s.

However, there’s never been as much attention on the work:life balance issue as there is today and there’s never been so much inertia on behalf of employees and employers to face up to the realities of it.

Creatives usually rip these “me time” briefs up and start afresh, but here are couple of spots that attack what’s basically the same brief and do something that’s really interesting.

It shows the power of film as a medium where creatives can use their imagination to bring new thoughts ideas to people. It’s the subtle and clever twist on reality that makes them so appealing.

Solution: Dramatize the problem as a trap, so people wake up to face the reality.

Here’s another way to do it.

Solution: Imagine if leaving work early was celebrated

Please note that both examples are from the UK.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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