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Color rules our lives

November 7, 2007

Color is something many of us planners take for granted, I am not very good with it, I don’t really understand how the combinations work, etc.

However, I am in awe of the people who live and deal with color on a daily basis, of course designers and art directors, but there others like forecasters who can talk expressively about new palettes and inspirations.

We all know there’s a massive industry devoted to color, an industry that’s just gotten a little smaller since the mighty Pantone was acquired by X-Rite (I haven’t heard of them either).

Although unknown to many of us, X-Rite produces a number of standards to help people understand the precise colors things like foods should be.

One of its standards is the Munsell USDA Frozen French Fry Standard,that helps ensure you make perfectly cooked fries

It’s amazing to think how much color influences our lives, and its great to think there are people out there helping make sure our eyes get what they desire, even to the extent of dictating the precise color of the ideal French Fry.

Via A Hamburger Today


Posted by Ed Cotton

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