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Zune can’t buy cool

December 4, 2007

Brand cool is an elusive thing.

The coolest brands don’t have to try hard because cool is part of their DNA, they are used by the right people and seem to find themselves in the right places.

It’s all so natural and seamless there’s nothing forced about it.

The brand just is.

Then there are brands that try to buy cool.

They force open the doors, offer everyone piles of cash and hope that the name association of other people’s cool rubs off on the brand.

Trying too hard to be cool makes you a pretender and a poser.

The cool people won’t find you interesting, they may show up to your parties and drink your free booze, but they won’t use your product,

In fact, you may find many of the free products you gave them, unused and still in their nice boxes in said cool people’s desk drawers.

Zune maybe doing some great stuff- cool, beautiful ads, great work with artists, fantastic parties, but it can’t rely on others to make it interesting, it needs to be interesting itself.

Zune can do this by doing some interesting and sadly we’ve yet to see it, but…….


Posted by Ed Cotton

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