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All fashion brands need their own mobile phone

June 20, 2007

Dolce and Gabbana started it, Prada was next and now Levi’s plans to continue the trend by launching a mobile phone of its own. It makes total sense that fashion brands should move where fashion is moving. Since technology has now acquired fashion status, fashion brands should be there.

How they do it will be the secret ingredient to success.

Just another phone with a fashion brand’s name on it, isn’t going to seal the deal, but if it’s different and truly represents the equities of the brand, it might stand a chance.
Perhaps the real win, is for partnerships between the handset guys and the fashion houses.

You can understand why Levi’s wants a piece of the fastest growing element of teen expenditure in the last ten years, but it’s got to compete with brands who’ve been building credibility and equity in that space for a long period of time.

Handset makers aren’t going to be rushing out and embracing deals with the fashion houses, they don’t think they need to do it.

The houses will need to come to them first, perhaps the opportunity to gain additional distribution avenues could be very attractive for the handset guys.

Any takers for a Gap phone?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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