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Is the ipod being hard-wired into the world?

February 24, 2007

The iPod is obviously one of the most amazing product creations of our times.

We have watched it expand from a hipster crowd iconto a true mass phenomenon used by kids and senior citizens alike.

We’ve seen it create its own economy, with the endless accessories that surround the product; from DJ mixers to wrap around shades with built in TV screens for the ultimate immersive iPod movie theater experience.

However, is the iPod now becoming permanently fused into our culture?

Everywhere you turn, iPodability is being further built into the world.

1. 70% of 2007 car models sold in the US have built-in iPod compatibility

2. Lifecycle, just announced it would bring iPod compatibility to its new line of fitness machines. This will let people connect their iPod directly into exercise machines to use their own playlists and even view their own video content.

3. Now iPods are now cropping up in places that we can’t see, there’s an aircraft manufacturer who’s integrating the device into its aircraft’s systems, turning the device into a flight data recorder.

In a world, where product life cycles are shortening at an ever-increasing rate, it’s extraordinary to see that iPod has not only survived for 5+years, but is fast becoming ingrained and hard-wired into our landscape, ensuring its survival for many years to come.

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