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New Feature — Influx Button for Google Toolbar

December 14, 2007

We are pleased to announce the new Influx Button for Google Toolbar 5.

Once installed, here’s what you can do with it:

  • Click the button icon once to open the Influx Insights homepage.
  • Click the small downward-pointing triangle next to the icon to open a dropdown menu with the Influx RSS feed. Hovering over an item will display a small preview of the posting (see the screenshot below).
  • Use the Influx search engine on text you enter into the Google Toolbar search box.
  • Select HTML text on any webpage and click the button icon once to run it against the Influx search engine.

If you’d like to install the Influx Button, it’s an easy, single-click installation from our Widgets page. (If you don’t have the Google Toolbar installed, you can download it here or you’ll prompted when you install our button.)

Posted by Joseph Piro

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