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Touch is the future of computing

May 29, 2007

We are fast moving into a world where “touch” becomes the “way” we control our devices and our computers. Much like Tom Cruise in the movie, The Minority Report, we will use our hands and fingers to manipulate data, just like this video shows.

Apple’s iPhone is going to be the first mass manifestation of the technology.

However, there soon will be a time when every flat surface becomes an intelligent, networked touch screen. A space that’s will know what exactly what’s being placed upon it and one that allows interaction.

Of course, Microsoft is behind this..

The Redmond based giant has been talking to Starwood and T-Mobile about bringing this technology to retail stores and hotels.

Not to be forogtten from the story is the incredible advertising opportunity this technology could offer. Imagine placing a glass of wine down on the touch screen at a bar, it would know what wine you were drinking and could offer you relevant food items to compliment it or another glass of wine at a slightly lower price. Yep, the jobs that humans are supposed to do, but computers might just do more efficiently.

Going back to the Minority Report, the video below shows how this technology is going to radically impact the way we work.

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