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Brand as educators-howies

April 10, 2007

David Hieatt used to work at Weiden and Kennedy, became a consultant for non-profits and then established his own clothing company, Howies.

David sees Howies as an extension of his thinking and a tool by which to educate people about responsible consumerism and environmental causes.

Howies applied many of Patagonia’s core principles and made them relevant for a different marketplace, the UK.

However, Howies is not merely an imitator, it continues to defy the concept of the corporation.

Its latest idea is a lecture series, Little Big Voice, designed to for people who help causes, understand how to use media “sell” their ideas.

It’s a smart way for the brand to give back, instead out handing out checks, it’s doing something better, it’s giving away learning.

These lectures take place in Cardigan Bay, Wales, this weekend with the following speakers.


Howies initiative gets Influx thinking.

What kind of lectures would your brand host?

Who would speak?

Who would you invite?

Who would attend?

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