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Flickr activitates its community

May 4, 2007

No 21 on Influx’s predictions for 2007 was the Flickr’s “People’s Photography Show” in Central Park. They are doing something close to this at the weekend in a community event called 24 Hours of Flickr.

Here’s what it is:

1. On May 5th Flickr is asking its community to chronicle its day in pictures.

2. They are asking people to submit these photos to a group

3. Some photos will be included in a book

4. There will also be a exhibition of photos at Flickr events around the world

5. Books will be sold at cost with $1 for every sale being given to Medicin San Frontiers

It’s a great idea with a ton of potential; the extensions are smart, the social element gives added purpose to the project. What’s especially interesting is the brand activating its user base to do something. Post this week’s Digg debacle, the debate about communities controlling brands is a hot one, but there clearly needs to be a balance between the brand and its community.

A brand like Flickr has the power to activiate its community to do good. Imagine other Flickr challenges around hunger or global warming. There could also be competitions with prize money. The potential of the active brand challenge is limitless and very engaging. It’s a natural way to generate great user content and obvious for a photo site.

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