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Henry jenkins- 9 reasons why youtube is culturally significant

May 28, 2007

Henry Jenkins of MIT has a smart post today that identifies 9 reasons why YouTube is a powerful cultural entity. People have questioned the purchase of YouTube by Google and others are rapdily trying to develop their own versions.

Jenkins outlines the reasons that makes YT such a powerful force and therefore one that is going to be hard to compete against.The post goes into lots of detail that supports the 9 reasons, but here they are in “diet-like” format with some interpretation added by Influx. An essential guide for anyone involved in shaping culture, who has ever wondered what the fuss is all about.

1. YouTube is a Melting Pot.
A destination where commercial, amateur, government, non-profit, educational and activist content co-exists.

2. You Tube is a meeting point for Community Collaboration.

3. You Tube as Tool for Amateur Curation. Amateurs scour mass media and identify salient elements for rebroadcast.

4. You Tube and the Network Effect.
YouTube’s value multiplies the more its content gets used by people and integrated into their own content.

5. You Tube as the Citizens News Network. Citizen journalists are capturing their own content and breaking stories on YT.

6. You Tube as an Avenue for Civic Engagment.
Political issues and ideas are debated, covered and explored on YT- offering a new opportunity for discourse.

7. You Tube Changes the Cultural Economy.
The meeting of commerical and amateur is seen best on YT. It offers us a “lens” into the future of cultural production.

8. You Tube Raises the Importance of Social Networking.
YT shows the value and importance of social networking as a skill and the importance of broadening participation.

9. You Tube Shows the Lack of Diversity in Participatory Culture.

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