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Planning for good completes its first assignment

October 15, 2007

I am delighted the Planning for Good initiative is off to a great start having completed its first assignment and presented its ideas to the client.

The assignment was to develop thinking for the Idea Village in New Orleans, a non-profit set-up to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurs in the city.

This was the first assignment out of the gate when the group was around 200 strong, compared to the 700+ that now inhabit the Facebook group.

The presentation can be seen below.

I intend to follow up with more feedback on what happens to these ideas.

Needless to say the Idea Village liked alot of thinking and are keen to move forward with many of the initiatives that were presented.

If you are interested in helping, there are three things we need.

1. Some technology wizard or a company that can create a virtual workspace for the group.

2. A great brief from a non-profit that would appreciate thinking from 700 strategists.

3. Simply, join the group and participate in the next brief.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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