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We’re all lads who love berries and cream

May 6, 2007

Starburst recently posted a 30 second spot to promote its new berries
and cream flavor.  Their strategy:  Be as weird as
possible.  And it worked.

It has over 2 million views on YouTube.  Not to mention the
hundreds of remixes, and blog mentions, and the thousands of comments
(most of which include “lol”), this spot has become the most popular
kid on the block. And its even catching on with the young lingo. 
MySpace bloggers are signing off with “Berries and Cream.”  We’ve
also seen this phrase used in place of the word “random” in sentences.

One of many questions we have is how this one slipped through the
corporate colander.  Imagine proposing this idea to the CMO of
Starburst:  An Amish-ish, elf-man, who looks like something
straight out of a Monty Python skit, dances in a bus station and sings
about how he loves berries and cream. It was a product of 3am creative
desperation and too many berries and cream that hit the right chord
with YouTube viewers.

We just hope that Starburst doesn’t turn around and try to ride the
wave that they created. A joke isn’t funny anymore when someone has to
explain it.  They might have started doing that here:

Starburst isn’t the only one who gained popularity by being
weird.  Napoleon Dynamite was brillant.  And many others have

Most of these bizarre :30s sink – what made this one float?  What
makes this “lad” more popular than the singing rabbit?  It could
be the ridiculous try-this-at-home dance.  It could be that it
plays the genders equally; boys are having a hay-day making fun of this
guy and girls are at home singing and dancing?  It could also be
the normal guys in an everyday setting juxtaposed to this bizarre and
random meeting.  The combination of these ingredients have either
brought advertising creativity to a new level or they have reduced it
to inanity.  

Regardless, congratulations to Starburst for taking a successful
risk.  One YouTube viewer said it best:  “WTF?  But I
love it.”

Berries and cream,

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