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Your resolution to do good in 2008

December 31, 2007

Most of your have made or are currently making your resolutions for 2008.

So here’s a commercial, if one of your resolutions includes doing more good- please join Planning for Good.

To remind those that don’t already know. Planning for Good is a group of 1400+ media, advertising, design strategists, their friends and a growing band of creatives who give their time and thinking to non-profits. A new brief is sent out to the network roughly every six weeks, brainstorm sessions are hosted, ideas developed and these are all collected for a presentation to the decision makers at the non-profit.

There are currently PFG groups in 40 cities around the world

Here are 7 reasons to join us…

1. You are joining a group of likeminds

2. It challenges your mind

3. Your ideas are likely to inspire a non-profit that needs you ideas

4. You will meet new people

5. You will get thoughts and ideas to bring back into your place of work

6. You will feel good about doing it because you are doing good

7. It will allow you to tick a box on your list of resolutions

If you are on Facebook, you can find the main group here.

If you are or aren’t on Facebook and need contact information for our city leaders, please email me at and I will direct you to the right people.

If you work for a non-profit and could use some help, please email me as well.

Of course, we also have a blog.

Our plan for early 2008 is to have two months where the network is free to work on local projects and take a break from the  centrally driven briefs. 

Since our foundation in August, we’ve worked with fantastic people; Alisa Aydin at UNICEF, Lauren Baum and Tim Wilkinson at the Idea Village in New Orleans and Nikki Streifler at Live Earth.

None of these projects would have been possible without the help and introductions from Robbie Vitano and Michael Karnjanaprakorn at Trumpet in New Orleans (who also gave us a pulpit to speak from at their conference), Frank Streifler at MAL and Brian Reich at Cone in Boston.

Thanks are owed to many for what’s been achieved this year to- the folks at BSSP- especially Greg Stern, John Butler and Mike Shine, Gareth Kay and the gang at Modernista for design help and support etc. Mark Earls for his bursts of brilliant thinking and his massive efforts in building PFG in London and to Jason Oke and Aki Spicer for their support and for building our bases in Toronto and Minneapolis.

To our fantastic group of city leaders around the world who are the true pioneers and frontline workers, to everyone who attended a brainstorm or contributed an idea and supported us in some way.

A last shout out to Max Schorr at Good Magazine for getting behind the idea and for Domenico Vitale at Lowe for his support and picking up the tab for our NYC pizza party.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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