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Ad agencies and innovation

February 8, 2008

It’s somewhat surprising with all the creative and strategic people employed by ad agencies, how poor the industry is at innovating.

It’s something we seem to demand from our clients, but are terrible at doing ourselves.

Most of the energies are focused on short-term brand ideas, not new platforms, formats or business ideas that can be of mutual benefit to client and agency alike.

Are we simply too occupied in the present, to build for the future?

Is Havas about to change the game?

Umair Haque well known for his provocative writing on business strategy and the media business over at Bubble Generation has been picked to lead the Havas Media Lab.

Umair writes that the creation of the lab is a response to other things not working.

“The Lab happened because I don’t think any of the standard models –
venture funds, corporates, firms, etc – can really make it happen (or
else it would be happening).

Hence, the need for a new kind of
entity, which is focused on driving new ideas – but also focused on
igniting experimentation and discovery.”

It remains to be seen exactly what this turns into and if it has the power to create genuinely new and valuable ideas.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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