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Ad agencies- television advertising is the future

April 1, 2008

Of course, the moronic title is designed to attract curious and concerned parties who are hoping/fearing that I have finally lost my mind or believe it’s just another blogger taking advantage of April 1st.

I believe we’re in the middle of a radical new wave of content creation, that’s in essence an evolution of the television spot, the thing about it is, that this content
isn’t destined for to be consumed on a television set, not yet, unless yours happens to be hooked to a broadband internet connection.

One thing we’ve learned in the last few years, is that despite all the advances in new media and the new opportunities that seem to be arriving daily and I include within these, the shoe trays at airport security, there’s nothing that comes close to the power of audio-visual content.

Now that technology has caught up and we can stream this stuff to any screen anywhere in the world, even that mobile one you carry with you, things are going to get exciting.

There’s trouble ahead if you continue to think that film content is only a 30 or 60 second television spot.

Sure, spots ain’t going away tomorrow, but there seem to be way more opportunities at the edges of the time frame; short virals, longer-form documentaries, shows and short films will be the content of the future.

Clients are now essentially media companies and with lots of stories they know the best way to tell them is through film.

Some advertising content might lend itself to longer-formats especially when you remove the insane cost of media time.

Now, there are probably more opportunities than ever to use film than there ever have been.

The challenge for ad agencies is to realize this and start getting involved because if they don’t there are host of people who are only to willing to pla — production houses, PR agencies, in-house ad departments, etc…

Instead of looking at the shrinking world of television advertising as a catalyst to go into worlds beyond film, agencies should leverage their relationships and skill sets to move in different film formats and styles.

True alchemy will happen when the power of film is fused with the power of the web and my hope and bet is that ad agencies will be the first ones to crack this code.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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