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Apple is no google

September 19, 2008

Steve Rubel has written an interesting post comparing the transparency of Google with the cold, firm and closed approach of Apple.

He uses some great examples that show how the brands communicate online with their users and it clearly shows that Apple is from a very different era and hasn’t quite grasped this whole 2.0 thing.

However, I don’t really think this matters for Apple and don’t believe it really impacts the brand.

Apple has always been about selling something shiny, new and enticing. Something you pay top dollar for and show off proudly to all around you. It sells the ultimate gadget and things that are truly magical.

On the other Google, doesn’t sell anything, it’s a free service, but it needs its users to keep coming back to it to view the pages that contain its valuable ads. It has to do everything it can to keep these people happy and content. Charmed in the knowledge that Google is the best “free” thing in their lives.

Apple could benefit from opening up, but let’s face it, this is not the company’s style. It’s a one man autocracy and until he decides to open the floodgates and let everyone inside out and visa versa this isn’t going to happen. I believe the lack of openness works in the brand’s favor. It keeps things mysterious and interesting, you never quite know what they are up to next and it would a shame if they did anything to give that away.

As long as Apple keeps making products that amaze us, it can get away without opening up.

It doesn’t have to do a Dell, until it becomes like Dell.

Apple sells us a dream and the more it becomes like real life, the less interesting it becomes.

Transparency is not for them…

Posted by Ed Cotton

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