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Are you desperate for attention?

April 17, 2008

It appears a number of ad agencies are thriving (with the industry rags
and critics!) in the interactive world by simply doing more of what
they usually do off line in an online world.

They are using online as a vessel that allows them simply to store and share more content than the typical TV spot.

with these experiences there’s lots of content and some depth to the
presentation, but something appears to be missing, interactivity.

These agencies are operating in what I would call a DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION mode.

This leads to experiences that fail to engage because they are simply one way and don’t involve or engage the user in any way.

The creators want to be noticed and hold the audience in rapture because of the supposed humor, etc.

Is this realistic?

These sites are usually heavy bandwidth hogs and take ages for the film to load.

The experience ends up not being a good one for the user.

The DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION mode is all about ego and the selfish belief that for some reason your content is so great people want to spend time with it.

Time for a reality check.

The best experiences can’t be one way, they need to engage and involve the user from the get go.

This is not a sit back TV world and the same rules no longer apply.  

Posted by Ed Cotton

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