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Cadbury’s extends ad life through remixes

September 5, 2008

I have gone on about the Gorilla long enough, so perhaps this is the last post on the topic.

Cadbury just sent out a mass email blast encouraging people to tune in to watch the preview of remixes online which will be air tonight on TV.

Cadbury Email

This is interesting because one would assume the shelf life of this idea was pretty limited and that remixes had already been done by the agency and consumers months ago.

Gorilla UK Search Volume on Google

With all the media attention the campaign had in the UK, do people want to see remixes or are they more likely to be interested in something new Cadbury has to offer?

The only logically explanation for extending the life of the ads is to reach previously untouched audience, which could be smart.

More likely, this is just about squeezing the last drop of life out of a great idea while the agency spends time seeking out the next big thing.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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