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Entertainment brand buys its way into museums

October 1, 2008

CBS’s CSI series is certainly a popular franchise, but in a bid to continue to perpetuate the success for many years to come, CBS has created a museum exhibit for the show, that it appears to be taking around the world.

Obviously, from a brand experience perspective this is a fantastic extension and takes the brand into new places and gives it an enhanced sense of credibility that comes from its endorsement from museums.

Museums are obviously the latest places to be up for sale.

Year’s back, Armani’s show at the Guggenheim created a stir for all kinds of reasons. However, CSI’s move is very different because it is trying to gain the endorsement from its museum partners. Obviously, this is a hire wire act for the museums to walk, they must strive to maintain their credibility, while seeking alternative sources of funding.

As capital dries up around the world, many new avenues will open up for companies to exploit, their challenge will be to do it right and for their new “media” partners to try hard not compromise their integrity.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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