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Fighting the complacency that success brings

February 18, 2008

It’s common for companies to struggle to achieve success and once they achieve it, they become complacent and rest on their laurels.

Everyone talks a good game about continuous innovation, but it’s a hard thing to do, especially with companies high on their own success.

Stanford’s Bob Sutton has just completed an interview with Pixar’s Brad Bird, where Bird revealed his role was to stop the rot of complacency setting in after the company had achieved major successes.

“Bird explained that he was brought to Pixar partly because senior
management was worried that the company would become too complacent
after three big hits: Toy Story, A Bugs Life, and Toy Story2.  To help fight against such complacency on The Incredibles,
Bird wanted people to work with people who weren’t satisfied with how
things were done and so — to staff the film– he requested “Give me
your black sheep.”

Posted by Ed Cotton

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