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Harley says screw it

May 1, 2008

Picking up a copy of USA Today this morning it was easy to be struck by the negativity of the content.

– Nelson Mandela is a terrorist

– Jet fuel prices set to make air travel a luxury item

– Fed rate cut does nothing to change Wall St. sentiment

Basically, doom and gloom all around.

Then there was this Harley ad, which offered a contrary point of view.

It reminded us that America is a strong nation and it’s bounced back from tough times before.

It took the long view and reminded us not to be fearful with the simple statement:

We don’t do fear”

Some might say this irresponsible, but I say it’s brilliant to seize on the moment and offer a counter point that’s so true to the brand and its ridership.

It’s brave and gutsy, just like the brand.

I don’t have the ad, but there’s a taste of it on the Harley web site.

Harley Says Screw It

Posted by Ed Cotton

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