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Havas media lab on user generated context

July 16, 2008

Havas Media Lab has been working hard to produce a thoughtful paper on the world of user generated content. It contains some smart thinking on the topic.

The big ideapeople aren’t creating content, they are creating context.

1. People are using professional media as a springboard to create context- they are not creating the context themselves.

2. The value of this context lies in the mass network level– not at the individual- the value of lots of comments vs. a single one.

3. It also isn’t generated– it’s culturally specific and socially bound- non “members” can’t understand it

Finally, Havas goes on to describe what it means for advertisers, basically what Influx has been saying all along- find a way to open up and play with the crowd.

Havas Media Lab on User Generated Content

If only it was that easy!

Posted by Ed Cotton

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