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Location of manufacture- now an important issue?

August 10, 2008

With most of the world’s stuff being made in China, this is OK for the majority of consumer goods, but for those with strong ethical and environmental claims, this poses something of a dilemma.

If your product prides itself in being Swiss-made and consumers find out you are actually sourcing some of your product in China, trouble.

The market for re-usable water bottles is expanding as eco-conscious consumers look to cut back on plastic waste. There have been a number of players in this market, including a number of durable polycarbonate containers, where various studies suggest that leeching might be a problem.

This presents SIGG a company that makes metal containers for liquids with a significant opportunity, but it looks like they needed to get their ethical house in order first before capitalizing on the market need.

Several of our loyal consumers have told us that when they
see the SIGG brand, they expect to get a Swiss-made product – and we


To deal with the problem, SIGG is creating a new brand, Steelworks for its Chinese sourced products and keeping SIGG for the aluminum containers made in Switzerland.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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