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Moving beyond nike+ – another example of brand utility

July 29, 2008

It’s become rather annoying that for all the fans of the concept of brand utility, Nike Plus has been the only great example of the idea in action.

How about of Oil of Olay?

According to Business Week.

“With her soothing voice, the site’s narrator walks you through a series
of engaging questions about your skin. What are your habits and goals?
What problems are of concern? The experience is simple yet conveys a
deep understanding of the myriad factors that make up your specialized
needs. Analyzing your responses, the system quickly assembles a
tailored set of recommendations for a regime that is designed to meet
your age and stated desires. I found myself wishing that all retail
encounters could be this easy and fulfilling. provides a calming, easy way to receive a credible
consultative experience without ever leaving your own home. P&G now
offers a beauty service. Through menu choices that indicate your
interests and skin issues, Olay marketers are able to start a new type
of dialogue while collecting important data on users that can be more
informative than expensive market research. Consumers can opt to have send a personalized skin-care regime profile by e-mail.”

It looks like with P&G there’s a new case study to add to the brand utility story.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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