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The death of the faceless corporation

April 24, 2008

Social networks are now becoming corporate and if you are a company there’s no hiding.

This trend means the people behind the company get to show themselves and interact with other human beings in the real world.

The idea of one-on-one interaction can happen. If you trust your employees you can let them out of their cages and cubicles and empower them to represent your brand in the real world.

They can solve problems, answer questions, entertain and inform.

They can become friends with customers and in short, they can be your pure brand ambassadors or the best ads you ever had.

Of course, this all depends on how brave you are.

It also depends on how much you value and believe in your employees.

If they are merely dispensable drones who you believe are stealing from you, you know only by their employee number and zip code, you may have some work to do.

Welcome to the death of the faceless corporation.

There is no nowhere to hide and if your people aren’t out there interacting, you are missing a massive opportunity.

It appears that Zappos gets this idea big time.

Zappos and Twitter

Who else is brave enough to follow its lead?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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