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Would just do it get you to nike+?

April 11, 2008

We are now playing in a very interesting world where the efforts of R/GA with Nike+ are generating as much news as W&K’s Nike commercials did in the mid 90s.

I wonder if it’s possible to create rich experiences using the same reductive strategic model?

The same one that’s used to create advertising.

I am sure you can’t.

The world of classic communication is all about being reductive. We talk about funnels, filters, core propositions, single minded ideas, USPs.

It’s all about distilling the essence down to a single thought and working from there.

It’s all about creating a smart bomb meme that can puncture mass culture.

It starts with the question.

What can we do to get people to pay attention to us?

If you look at the world of experiences, the question is very different.

What experience(s) can we create to delight the user?

These questions are radically different and represent two very different worlds.

Artist vs. Team
Ego vs. Teamwork
Ownership vs. Sharing
Single idea vs. Multiple ideas
Single layer vs. Deep layers
Disrupt life vs. Integrated into life

I am not saying that advertising is going away anytime soon, but it’s very clear that we are moving into an era where our clients are looking to us to create experiences for their brands. Those things no longer look like advertising, and as a process it requires new tool sets.

It starts to look more like product design that anything else.

The demands on Strategy/Planning are therefore significant.

We aren’t looking for language anymore, we want to deeply understand needs and behaviors if we want to create experiences that matter.

This is no about distillation, but an exploration of reams of potential possibilities.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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