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9 ways the home is going to change

December 10, 2008

Last weekend’s Financial Times has a good piece written by the editor of Country Life, giving us ten ways in which homes are going to change. Obviously, this refers mainly to homes for the wealthy..

Here’s the list in brief..

1. More privacy because of increasing populations
2. Greener- less reliant on cars- the creation of communities that allow more walking
3. A return to traditional ways of building- rubble will be used, not thrown away
4. People will grow their own
5. Plastics will be ruled out and become like smoking and fatty fooods
6. A return to simple pleasures-small dinner parties, warn out couches, natural materials- the end of designer minimalism
7. Nature becomes more precious- so homes will blend the inside with the outside
8. Computers will run homes
9. Homes will become centers of interest and intellectual pursuit- it will not be about showing off- think of a lab as the next important room

Clearly, much of this stuff has been with us for years, but clearly the changing economy is going to be forcing this through at a faster pacer. Anyone in the home/housing business is going to need to take action.

One big example is Ikea, who has recently been pushing its sustainability policy pretty hard

Posted by Ed Cotton

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