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Can green new zealand export green?

August 14, 2008

New Zealand is rapidly emerging as the the country that’s doing most to brand itself “Green” and “Eco-Aware”. The government has lots of smart policies, it promotes itself as a “pure” tourist destination, people seem to be moving there in droves to find the ecological lifestyle they desire, etc..

Then there’s also the export business. Selling that New Zealand “purity” in packages to the rest of the world. I was thinking about this when our Media Director showed me a bottle of water she was drinking, Antipodes was its name. (see below).

Antipodes Water

While the design is stunning, it did raise a big question.

It struck me that New Zealand’s green exporters have a massive challenge on their hands when they are trying to convince consumers that they are truly green, with the massive carbon footprints they generate with shipping and transportation.

Of course, according to its website, Antipodes appears to have anticipated the questions, but is far from transparent with its answers.

Clearly, there’s a big communication challenge here and while striking design will win you lots of fans, you’ve got to have some decent answers to those relevant environmental questions, especially if you are using New Zealand as your “origin” to promote purity.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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