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From user-generated to mass-generated

March 21, 2008

Is the “swarm” a way of improving the quality of user-generated content?

There are signs that the next wave of interesting stuff on the web will be all about collaboration.

Some examples;

Kluster: A collaborative networking site that allows people to come together around ideas. They recently completed an interesting capabilities demonstration at TED.

Lets users develop a collaborative video project by uploading video clips, photos, or audio tracks to a wiki. Users edit collaboratively using Kaltura’s browser-based video editor. They then import their video creations into Kaltura’s library of legally remixable content.

Collaborative Playlists: Edit and share playlists with others- like with Spotify.

This new collaboration movement will allow things to happen faster, allow the end results to be better and make the process more engaging and fun for all involved.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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