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Influx’s evening with dawn danby of autodesk

July 9, 2008

Many thanks to all who attended this evening’s event, to Eric, Hillary and Josh of Method who helped make it happen and of course, to Dawn for being the star of the show.

Dawn brought to life some of the challenges of pushing sustainability in a world that doesn’t quite yet understand what it is or means.

Flow Design- Art project

She also shared with us a fascinating project she worked on years ago in Windsor, Ontario (the gateway town to Detroit) where she empowered citizens to think about sustainable city architecture and space.

Her presentation also explored some of the perils of so called “Green Design” where designers often end up creating more clutter, rather than identifying real solutions.

She suggested designers get to know where the impacts are located and find a way to hack them. As an example- she highlighted work done by designers to help reduce the pollution from motorcycle rickshaws in urban centers in the developing world.

Thankfully, the “crowd” engaged in some interesting discussion about consumer cynicism, corporate honesty, “Greenwashing”, the real need for standards and consumer incentives.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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