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New orleans- 100 great ideas post katrina

August 25, 2008

All Day Buffet has a great list of 100 ideas from post-Katrina New Orleans.

It’s an incredible list of initiatives coming out of the city that was devastated and forgotten by many after Katrina.

However, there’s a lot of great stuff happening there and it worth checking out the list and spreading the word, so we can some attention for these efforts.

Here’s the same message in the words of ADB.

“After hearing so many of the positive changes and innovative projects
post-Katrina, we’ve decided enough is enough. It’s time to put an end
to the negative press in mainstream media. We know that the levees
broke. We know that our city is dysfunctional. We know that. But do you
know about Prospect.1? Or about the influx of young professionals into
New Orleans? The world needs to know about the NEW New Orleans. And to
quote Brad Pitt, “If you’re going to rebuild something, why not rebuild
it right?” Amen brother.”

Posted by Ed Cotton

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