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Re-branding adult education

September 22, 2008

An enormous number of adults are keen to continue the learning experience well after they’ve left their college or university, but the thought of going back to the boring classroom fills them with dread.

We want to learn, but desire to do it in a new way and perhaps learn some stuff that’s a lot closer to self-help books than academia.

Sadly, the adult education world has been pretty much a void when it comes to interesting experiences, there’s plenty of opportunity, but nothing that comes across as arresting.

The School of Life is an attempt to change that. With its storefront, savvy branding and its openness to embrace the desire for people to network and learn interesting stuff in the process.

They have such treats as a two-day tour of Heathrow Airport with Alan De Botton for 295 pounds and conversational dinners where you get to meet new people and learn the art of conversation at the same time.

School of Life
My guess is there will be a race to see if School of Life can open up a New York outpost before it gets copied by some enterprising Americans.

The Telegraph has a story here
Monocle has a film here

Posted by Ed Cotton

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