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The envionment: where are the standards?

February 16, 2008

With the continuing momentum behind all things green and environmental, the issue of standards is becoming more and more important.

There’s a growing feeling that there need to be objective measures to help people understand what’s a good thing and a right thing.

In the last few years, the LEED rating for buildings was often highlighted as a great example.

However, recently the tide has turned against LEED, witness this amazing example relating to San Francisco’s new Federal Building.

“Too damn ahead of its time, the systems used for environmental control
in the Fed Building are so innovative that they have yet to be
considered so by the overly-prescriptive commandments of Green. The
Green Buildings Council, however, claim that LEED is a
work-in-progress, and have consented to take the next few months to
reevaluate the Federal Building. Hopefully they’ll continue to update
their requirements so that LEED becomes less of an pocket industry
encouraging architects to “tack on” expensive third-party features and
more of an impetus for carefully conceived, environmentally-integrated

SF Curbed

The whole area of standards is something that needs serious thought and investment.

Is government going to lead this?

Industry associations?

It’s really unclear who is going to take responsibility and the longer the wait, the more confusion and the more cynicism.

Everyone agrees that environment is the critical issue, but we need more effort to measure.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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