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Why do we want to forget about new orleans?

October 1, 2008

Of course, we don’t have an infinite capacity for news and information. We seem to need to clear our hard drive quite frequently because we have ADD or we get bored of the issue. Remember the 2000 Election, we just got bored and asked people to make a decision for us. Katrina and New Orleans seems to have gone the same way. It’s no longer in the news and we don’t seem to have the desire or capacity to deal with it.

Dave Winer in today’s Huffington Post brought the issue up again.

“Katrina never ended, three years later, it’s still not over. New
Orleans is still broken. Whole families were wiped out in the disaster,
and while we don’t spend much time on it in our national discourse,
even as the election approaches, it’s still there, reminding us of
something. But we’re not learning the lesson, and now our nation faces
a Katrina-scale disaster, across the entire country, and like New
Orleans on the first night of Katrina, it hasn’t sunk in.”

Thankfully there are people out in NOLA who are committed to making sure that we don’t forget and this city gets the people and the attention it deserves. One such group is the Idea Village. This is a non-profit who’s dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in the city.

In the last few years, there’s been an influx of talent migrating to the city to help post-Katrina and there’s a danger that without work these folks will start heading back home. To try and provide jobs for this talent, the IV has launched a competition to attract new business ideas to the city and provide jobs for this talent pool.

This beautiful film- made by Trumpet- explains all.

Please share this and spread the word about NOLA..

Posted by Ed Cotton

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