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Apple scales up fast

July 3, 2008

Historically, we are used to thinking of Apple as a niche player, it still is in many ways, but its new businesses appear to be scaling pretty fast.


According to Variety, Apple’s move into the movie business appears to be working quite well.

“Studio execs said that iTunes movie sales and rentals — which the
computer company said tops 50,000 daily — dominate the small but
closely watched digital movie biz. Apple is now on track to sell or
rent 18.25 million movies a year, or triple the number of last year,
before it inked deals with all major studios for new-release rentals
and sales.”


Apple placed an order with Samsung for 50 million NAND flash chips. It’s basically taken over Samsung’s production. The order is so big, Samsung is asking its other customers to wait. A fascinating development when you consider that Samsung also wants to play in the phone wars, but here it is helping a foe with a critical component.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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