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Nokia thinks the future of media is circular

January 9, 2008

Nokia and the Future Laboratory, have just completed a research study that explored attitudes and developments in the use of technology and media.

They talked to 9,000 consumers in 17 countries. The breakthough finding and brave prediction is the emergence of what Nokia is calling “Circular Media”

“From our research we predict that up to a quarter
of the entertainment being consumed in five years will be what we call
‘Circular’. The trends we are seeing show us that people will have a
genuine desire not only to create and share their own content, but also
to remix it, mash it up and pass it on within their peer groups – a
form of collaborative social media.

We think it will work something like this; someone shares
video footage they shot on their mobile device from a night out with a
friend, that friend takes that footage and adds an MP3 file – the
soundtrack of the evening – then passes it to another friend. That
friend edits the footage by adding some photographs and passes it on to
another friend and so on. The content keeps circulating between
friends, who may or may not be geographically close, and becomes part
of the group’s entertainment.”

Mark Selby, Vice President,
Multimedia, Nokia

It’s an interesting theory, the idea that consumers will add and to, interact and participate with media makes complete sense, but the constant addition and participation by members of a friendship group is hard to believe, as is the shelf-life of each piece of content.

This could get easily become boring in a short period of time.

Nokia’s report also appears to miss the blending and blurring of user-generated and conventional media; users taking established media content and adding their own spin to that content.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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