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The business opportunity of a lifetime

February 6, 2008

Money is pouring into the environmental and green energy space as people seek to generate vast financial returns from a massive global need.

However, it appears the need is bigger than any of us ever imagined.

Apparently, the ice melts observed in 2006/2007, have taken us to a stage that we weren’t supposed to be in until 2080.

The opportunity here is very simple.

Create technology that can “reverse” climate change.

It appears that we have already reached the tipping point and only radical intervention can stop the devistating impact of climate change.

The chart below is from David Wasdell’s briefing to the UK Government and illustrates how the Kyoto treaty doesn’t go far enough.

Global Warming- The State of Emergency

To read more on the topic, please check out John Grant’s blog post.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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