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Brand 2.0 and being useful to people

September 24, 2008

Emily Bell in The Guardian has a great column where she lays into Michael Grade for not understanding the power of technology.

This quote stood out for me.

“Marconi, likewise. And indeed Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google
through profound interest in technology. The only thing they are
littering the modern media landscape with is buckets of cash. But they
created a market not simply from the content of others, but from the
activities of mass audiences who found themselves delighted by the new
freedoms offered to them by the technology. What most of the brilliant
technologists are actually motivated by is providing usefulness,
entertainment, education and social connectivity to people.”

Perhaps the diamond in here is the last sentence because it also defines what makes a successful brand these days and perhaps could serve as a filter to define if you brand as 2.0.

1. Are you useful?

    What do you do to help make people’s lives better or easier?
    Are you doing something that no one else does?
    Are you doing it better than anyone else?

2. Do you entertain?

    Are you fun?
    Are you human and real?
    Are you interesting to interact with?
    Do people talk about and notice you and your communication?

3. Do you educate?

    Do you help people to learn or get more out of life?
    Do you tell people what you do so they can become their own experts?

4. Do you facilitate or participate in social connectivity

    Do you have fans?
    Do you connect them?
    Do you allow them to participate with you

Posted by Ed Cotton

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