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Obama and brand 2.0

August 27, 2008

Technology Review has an in-depth piece on how Obama generated support and got to be the front runner. It goes into deal about the mechanics of the machine that fund raised incredible amounts of money and garnered million of supporters.

It’s key new media savvy has been keen to Obama’s success to this point, but will it be enough to win him the “prize”?

Although the data shows Obama dominating the “new media” conversation, he is far from as dominating in the polls.

Obama- New Media King

It’s a sharp reminder for all of us in the branding space that we are really at the intersection point of two worlds; a rapidly emerging one and the incumbent world that is holding on for dear life.

As we saw with the Olympics, although blogs, newspaper websites and online videos all performed amazingly well, it was TV that emerged as the star. The powerful “hearth” around which people gathered and experienced success and failure. The reality of that true shared experience trumped and will always trump anything virtual.

The temptation is to get carried away with “cool” of “new media”, but it’s very hard to achieve Obama level success for a brand and that for the medium term, at least, we are going to have to leverage the strengths of BOTH old and new to achieve success for our brands.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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