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Hirst and harley

May 2, 2009

I was reading the story about British artist Damien Hirst doing an art bike for Harley. It’s a one off and for a good cause, but I wondered if it was on brand and right for the bike icon.

Here are my thoughts on why it’s wrong…

1. Art and bikes- everyone’s adding plus art to everything. Harley’s iconic and classic status surely means it doesn’t to have to play that game

2. Hirst as relevant culture- If you are going to do art, shouldn’t it come from the culture?

3. Hirst is a Brit- Harley is so USA, it’s not even funny. It’s almost unthinkable for the brand to going beyond these fine shores.

However, perhaps the current zeitgeist is forcing Harley to re-think its entrenched image and succumb to a broader view of the world; one that embraces other cultures and disciplines to become a brand that can think beyond the shores of the USA.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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