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A crowdsourced product development lab

June 2, 2009

 There’s a new site from the guys behind Kluster.

is crowdsourced product development. Creators submit their ideas for $99 and in return they get in-depth idea evaluation, real-time analytics, demographic profile of supporters & non-supporters, candidacy to be next week’s quirky product, if chosen, their product will be on the market in as little as 10 days, their influence will earn at least 12 cents of every dollar their product ever makes and an excited community as their product’s evangelists.

It will be interesting to see how appealing this is to creators. They would be giving up a lot of potential upside, in return for real-time testing and a community. The whole idea hinges on being able to get enough people willing to pay $99.

Their most lucrative market might be with design students, who have to develop dozens of ideas in their studies and for whom having one of their ideas go to market, could make all the difference in landing a job.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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