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A new communication space

July 14, 2009

We are fast reaching a point where the old world of communication and the new world of communication are about to collapse into each other.

The new real-time nature of brand communication is going to impact the way PR and advertising responds and reacts.

Controlled and planned campaigns are not likely to go away anytime soon, but it’s likely that their role and emphasis will diminish over time. Currently, there’s a massive gap between a brand Tweet that took 30 seconds to compose and a $2 million television commercial that was 4 months in development.

The space between those two forms of communication is going to open up significantly as brands seek to develop stories and content that they can share with their consumers on a regular basis.

This is likely to involve work that is faster to produce and way cheaper than current commercial production. It will also increasingly be online, rather than traditional broadcast.

Brands are going to need to have the discipline to bring all their customer facing entities together and build a conversational calendar so they can plan conversations ahead of time. In the future, It’s going to be imperative that every piece of big campaign communication has a real-time and a social media component attached to it. In addition, it’s also going to need to build some kind of layered story arc, so it is not just a one shot deal.

Brand conversations will be a mix of planned communication with real-time components and spontaneous actions that respond to conversational needs. In the middle of two these two categories will be a new space called real-time campaigns, these will be fast-track campaigns developed in response to the conversation- ideas create brands to garner attention at the right moment.

While commentators are writing the obituary for ad agencies and
advertising as a whole, a new world is opening up. The challenge for
agencies will be to seize upon this opportunity. It will be hard
because it looks so different to everything that’s gone before, but they are going to need to be fast because new entrants are going to emerge designed purely to play in this space.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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