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Band as brand

October 8, 2009

Portland-based band, YACHT, appear be applying stringent brand guidelines.

This post appeared on the band’s blog a few months back.

“ATTENTION! When referring to the band, business, and belief system, YACHT
is written with full capitalization. This is a very small, but
important detail. The word “yacht” out of our capitalized context can
refer to commodity fetishism and an advanced capitalist culture that
YACHT has prided itself in avoiding since its conception. This
applies to both print and digital features, articles, album and
performance reviews, calendar listings, blog and journal entries, photo
descriptions and titles, etc. Again,
YACHT is to be written in all capital letters in all instances.

The written justification is brilliant and of course this is proof that branding is now a serious business for all.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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