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Being talked about simply isn’t enough

December 16, 2009

Twitter just released its list of leading trending topics for 2009.

Taking a look at the technology list and its surprising to see Google Wave topping the list and the Palm Pre come in at no6.

While both these products generated conversation, they can hardly be called massive successes. It goes to show that although we are trying to get our brands talked about and that’s the goal of communication, that alone is no guarantee of success.

Google Wave has the potential to be very interesting, but it has a number of hurdles to overcome. People don’t really know how to use it and there don’t seem to be many folks with accounts. Perhaps if it becomes integrated into Gmail, it will have more success. When the team demoed the product it looked very exciting, but people were let down by the real experience because they didn’t know how to use it and none of their friends had accounts.

The Palm Pre got out of the gate fast, but never built on the early momentum. This was mainly due to the stiff competition from Apple and more recently various Android offerings.

Net- Volume of conversation isn’t a bad thing, it’s just no guarantee of success. The product has to transcend the hype and deliver something that is highly competitive and differentiating. It suggests there’s a need for finesse and nuance when planning these resulting conversations.

What do you want people to talk about? How you encouraging them to do that? Where are they doing it? How can you learn and refine as you go-making sure you guide the conversation. 

Posted by Ed Cotton

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