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Bettering the brand experience with an iphone application

September 30, 2009

Most iPhone applications for brands are nice additions that do a bit to enhance a pre-existing experience.

Some might be useful utilities like Kraft’s recipe application or provide another way to do something simple like order coffee.

Simply put, they are nice add ons, they don’t make a radical and fundamental difference to the overall experience.

Zipcar’s iPhone application is the opposite, it surpasses the existing web experience and gives the user everything they could possibly need to locate and rent a Zipcar, it even unlocks your car.

Obviously, Zipcar’s service has lots of things going for it that make an application perfect- mapping and location needs, mobility, etc…

It’s a high bar, but it’s a nice challenge to think you might create an application that surpasses an existing brand experience.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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