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Brands will make everyone an expert

January 14, 2009

Detailed facts and knowledge that were previously available to experts are now accessible to all.

Everyone can pretend to understand what the experts are talking about and everyone can see how they work.

Also, with the proliferation of content, creators are now looking at this expert information as viable fodder for communication.

Years ago, this would have been too much for the average consumer to process or too technical, now it’s fair game. In fact, digging deeper and learning more has become something of an international hobby. If it’s there, we want to find it.

A good example of this is the recent work from The Gap. The company has teamed up with color experts, Pantone to launch an array of basic clothes in various Pantone shades.

Pantone at The Gap

The explanation of the campaign is something that in the past might have been thought of as “very inside”. Color trend forecasting has always been  the work of expert specialists who inform the fashion industry what colors to make for consumers.

In this case, The Gap opens up the theater curtains for consumers, so they get to see the same thing The Gap designers would see, or at least a little snapshot of it.

We can only expect to see more of this as content creators look for more angles and consumers become more interested in learning more.

In the near future, brands will not shy away from going to extraordinary lengths to share their process and secrets with consumers.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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